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So it was another successful week for the rest of the AFC North as all the teams got one step closer to the beginning of the regular season without losing any star players or having crazy incidents. Both the Steelers and the Ravens rolled to victory while the Bengals lost to the Packers. But what does that even me to the fans anymore? Honestly, nothing at all. All that matters is the teams get through the games healthy and the playbook is totally learned for when it really counts in September. But either way, there will always be NFL gossip, so let's take the rundown and review the news.


The big story here is that Mike Wallace is going to report to camp after the long contract holdout that will never be resolved. This will end after Mike Wallace refused to sign the franchise tender after wanting a long term deal. I don't really blame him for wanting a long term deal, especially if he gets hurt this year, but sometimes you just have to swallow your pride and do what is best for the team. That is what he will be doing in the near future.


It's is a never ending plot about wondering if the defense is getting too old to be able to compete. After it was announced that the Ravens would be putting Suggs on the PUP list, the defense took one more step being closer to diminished knowing that one of the best players on the team will miss at least the first six games.


It's a wait and see game.

Andy Dalton: Real or fake?

AJ Green, superstar?

Defense, will it hold?

Leon Hall, healthy?

Green Ellis, will he fumble??

Nobody knows.